Schools' Programmes

Inspiring and thought provoking programmes for 11-18 year old designed to address the global themes of migration and refugees within Citizenship education and other KS3/KS4 subject curriculums.

My Bright Kite’s programmes for 11-18 year olds focus on using the themes of migration and refugees as a platform to spark young people’s critical and reflective thinking, whilst educating them on current developments relating to international politics and conflict. 
Our secondary programmes are delivered by My Bright Kite co-founder and internationally renowned author Gulwali Passarlay
Gulwali came to the UK in 2007 as an unaccompanied minor aged 13, where he applied for asylum. Gulwali is the author of The Lightless Sky and for the past 4 years, he has told his personal story to thousands worldwide, opening their hearts and minds and deepening their understanding of the plight and resilience of young refugees. 


Gulwali’s story really is one that needs to be heard first hand! You can experience his incredible journey and a taster of our workshops here on YouTube and learn about our classroom resource pack that can be used in conjunction or independently of our in-person workshops.


We offer whole-school programmes including assemblies and staff briefings with content adapted for KS3 and KS4, or stand alone sessions for particular year groups linked to subject / curriculum themes. 

As well as supporting key themes within the Citizenship curriculum, our programmes can also be used across a number of subjects at both KS3 and KS4 including Geography, Psychology, Sociology, Economics and Media Studies – please get in touch with our team to find out more about how we can design a bespoke programme for your school.

My Bright Kite Refugee Awareness (17)_ed

Secondary Schools' Programmes

Examples of themes / subjects covered

  • Global refugee context

  • National / local refugee context

  • Human rights

  • Stories from refugees

  • Games, quizzes and activities

  • Journeys to safety

  • Life in refugee camps

  • Myth busting (what the media says V’s reality)

  • The UK asylum process

  • The experiences of child refugees

  • Famous refugees and the contributions they have made

  • Ways we can welcome, support and stand in solidarity
    with refugees

Curriculum Links and Learning Outcomes

Citizenship Education
  • Personal, social and emotional development 

  • Interest in other faiths, cultures and global themes 

  • The role of public institutions and voluntary groups

  • Themes of migration and refugees. Debating topical issues

  • Themes of fairness, respect and social justice

  • Appreciation of the range of identities within the UK

KS3 / KS4 Subject Curriculums
  • Geography – refugees and migration

  • PSHE – conformity and prejudice

  • Media Studies – representation of refugees and asylum seekers

  • English – Exploring identity. Creative writing 

  • Psychology and Sociology – issues faced by refugees and asylum seekers

  • Drama and performing arts 

  • Economics

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a case study


  • Importance of British Values

  • Developing mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs

  • Appreciating the precious liberties of UK citizens 

Critical and Reflective Thinking
  • Themes of fairness, empathy, identity and belonging

  • Moral, social and cultural development

  • Strengthening resilience

Evidence for Quality Marks
  • British Council’s International School Award

  • SMSC Quality Mark

  • Inclusion Chartermark

  • Schools of Sanctuary


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